Controls: WASD / Arrow keys to move, click on container to open, drag and drop items with the mouse. Use the spacebar to honk!

Collect goods in your carriages to complete quests for various creatures (drag and drop onto a planet). The gold you earn in return can be used to buy fuel and upgrade your truck. Watch out for asteroids and pirates that might damage your truck and carriages, however!


Programming, Game Design - Hilko Kleissen

Programming, Game Design - Pepn

Art - Saskle

Audio, Audio Programming - Pat Cleaver


Download 49 MB


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Not bad.  I clicked 1000 times to try to open my cargo and eventually stopped playing because of it.  Sometimes it worked and sometimes not.    It might be neat to have a map for places you've discovered.  Even if it were just arrows pointing to the closest space you explored wanting a certain item.